WED 2010 Logo

The WED theme for 2010- ‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future’- celebrated the incredible diversity of life on Earth as part of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity. The global host for the event was Rwanda- a country of exceptional biodiversity that has made huge strides on environmental protection.


There are anywhere in between an estimated 5 million to 100 million species on this planet though only 2 million have been identified. It means that there is a huge amount we still don’t know about on our planet or whom we share it with. Humans are among a handful of species whose populations are growing, while most animals and plants are becoming rarer and fewer. A total of 17,291 species are known to be threatened with extinction – from little-known plants and insects to charismatic birds and mammals; and many species disappear before they are even discovered.

For this reason, the United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity; making it an opportunity to stress the importance of biodiversity for human well-being, reflect on our achievements to safeguard it and encourage a redoubling of our efforts to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss. Millions of people and millions of species all share the same planet, and only together can we enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.