Every event is a way of saying that we deeply care, for whatever reason it may be. Every event tells the story of the underlying passion of a lot of people who put in a lot of hard work molding abstract ideas into visible outcomes. We at ECHO were severely constrained by lack of time and resources during the time, but we tried our best to come up with a few events for April 22nd– Earth Day. And that, we did.

The plan was as follows:

1. ECHO’s official launch.

2. Avoid use of private vehicles for the day.

3. Start a ‘plant-a-tree’ campaign. 

All our employees came by company bus or public transport on that day. Quite a few walked or cycled too- even for considerable distances. In the end, when we saw the empty parking lot in the middle of a crowded basement, there was this feel-good factor, thinking that we taxed the environment a little lesser that morning.


At noon, the saplings were distributed. It was actually nice to see the green little things sitting next to the grey desktops.


A popular newspaper covered the event, transforming a few among us into instant celebrities, when the photo appeared in the paper next day.


Thus ECHO was launched- without any formal events; subtly yet suitably. The intention was to let the actions speak for themselves. From that auspicious start, we want to take things forward. We are planning another event very soon, and one thing that we will make sure of is that this enthusiasm will never die a premature death.