Amongst the multitude of all the special ‘days’ you know, how many have a universal appeal? You might come up with a few, but many of these mean more to certain people, not all. For instance, if you are single, which many are, does Valentine’s Day really matter so much? But as long as you are not an alien, you certainly can celebrate Earth Day. This is one event which traverses all barriers.

Earth day was founded by the late Senator Gaylord Nelson, who back in April 22nd 1972, organized one of the largest civic demonstrations in US history with as many as 20 millions taking part. From then on, the movement has travelled a long way, long enough to travel all around the earth. Thousands of organizations, 190 countries, 1 billion people- current statistics are indeed impressive. A lot of constructive activism is happening too, but the catch is that it is never enough. The climate changes are becoming more and more evident. In India, for example, this is perhaps one of the hottest summers ever. Now before you start debating about its connection to global warming, why not just go and plant a tree? Just think about how comforting the shade of a tree can be on a hot day! Likewise, haven’t we seen enough aftereffects of pollution to try to put an end to it?

Sustainable development ought to be the keyword, there is no point in gathering all the wealth in the world if you are going to have repulsive burns all over 20 years later and die a tragic death without getting that last drop of water? When you are saving everything else for the future generation, also save them a place to live in. Otherwise, imagine how embarrassing it will be to explain why you did, what you did to them.

Try to get educated about the green movement, help in whatever way you can. There is not really much time to think, start acting- now! There are indeed ‘miles to go before you sleep’!

E-team launches its earth club ECHO on April 22nd 2010. With the motto ‘Conservation at work’ the aim is to motivate all to make conservation a habit and work for it with a consistent zeal. Beginning on this auspicious note, ECHO pledges to try to take the green message to every nook and corner of this world.